The Child Foundation website is born

The Child Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the Child Foundation website. Commenting on the new website, Director & Trustee David Lilley said:


‘Our website has been launched as quite a basic system but as we grow and evolve as a charity, we will ensure that our website grows and expands with us. We intend to use the website as a type of Internet Radio & Television station. This way, we will ensure that our supporters (and those who are considering supporting us) see the detail behind how we work. Video and audio will play a key part in our communications strategy. The video on our home page is just one example of how we will share the true detail of our work. The Directors & Trustees of The Child Foundation see transparency as the being the essential foundations of our operation’


Karen Child, the founder & President of The Child Foundation also commented:

‘I am so proud of what our team has accomplished in such a short space of time. I can karenvividly remember having our very first conversations about the possibilities of setting up our own charity. It has been heart warming to see what started out as a small idea over a glass of wine become a bright light and beacon of hope in the lives of many. We only started in May 2014 and already we are making a positive contribution and have built a respected name. 2015 is going to be a special year for us’