Meet the team

Karen Child
Founder, Director & Trustee

Karen Child is the President of The Child Foundation. A mum to three children of her karen
own, Karen lives in Clowne, Derbyshire. Karen became a businesswoman in 2008. She now owns two Public Houses and several properties. Karen is also Director & Shareholder of Sheffield Sharks Professional Basketball & a long standing sponsor of Chesterfield Football Club.

A passionate and fun loving woman, Karen is notorious for her forthright and kind manner. A passionate fan of most sports, Karen can be found and heard supporting her favourite local teams most weekends.


David Lilley
Founder, Director & Trustee

David Lilley is a founder, Director & Trustee of The Child Foundation.davidlilley

After losing his first son Brady at just a week old, in the 24 years that have followed, David has always  favoured offering support to charities that help children.

From a professional perspective, David is an experienced marketing and business development specialist. He spent several years working for American Express and RCI, as well as on contracts / projects for several well known international brands. David is an accomplished public speaker, audio & video producer and author in the marketing arena. He works on a variety of projects and this includes raising Private Equity for credible international clients.

David works as a Volunteer for The Child Foundation and offers support to a few other community projects.   He lives in Derbyshire with his wife Sarah and has four children.

Mike O’Dwyer
Founder, Non-Executive Director 

Mike is a Trustee of The Child Foundation. He has been a long term supporter of mikeychildren’s charities and was particularly attracted to the Child Foundation because of it not being restricted geographically or  limited to specific illnesses or only certain needs.

Mike is a vastly experienced business man who has held many senior positions in the legal, banking a real estate sectors. He spent many years  working for HSBC Bank before leaving in 2003 to set up his own property company. Mike currently works in business development and specialises in raising Private Equity for credible international clients.

Mike works as a Volunteer for The Child Foundation and lives in Solihull with his wife Bernie and beautiful daughter Hannah.


Sarah Backovic
Founder, Non-Executive Director

Sarah Backovic is Chief Executive of The Sheffield Sharks and an accsarah backovicomplished
woman in business. After working in both advertising and the media, Sarah became involved with the sport of UK Professional Basketball and is the most successful female executive in British Professional Basketball history.

A mother with two children, Sarah lives in Sheffield. Sarah is acknowledged for her vast event management experience, commercial and legal knowledge.

Tony Child
Founder, Director & Trustee

Tony Child is a father of two from Clowne. He manages two public houses. Tony is anTony child experienced chef and enjoys staging leisure events. A devout Chesterfield FC supporter and excellent Pool player, Tony is liked and respected for his humble and caring personality.