The Child Foundation is a UK based children’s charity. The charity was formed in May 2014. Our aim is to help children who have encountered illness or difficulties in their life. We want to spread kindness where we can. We believe that The Child Foundation is a very different charity to many others. We are not limiting our work to any specific illness and we are not restricted by geographic regions of the United Kingdom.

Our charity is primarily operated by Volunteers. Our intention is to ensure that the maximum amount of money raised goes to the causes that we identify and that any expenses that are incurred are tightly controlled and reduced to a minimum.

The Child Foundation do not make cash donations to those people that we choose to support. We prefer to purchase equipment, services, respite or essential leisure activities for our beneficiaries. This policy ensures that our supporters can be confident that their donations are being used for the causes identified and promoted.

The Child Foundation is always prepared to partner, support and work alongside other likeminded, registered charities – charities such as Children’s Hospital’s and Hospices.

Thank you for your interest in our work and your kind support.

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